Hawaii Maui


The Kaanapali Farm is the only coffee plantation on Maui and has been cultivating coffee professionally for more than 25 years. Since 1988, this high-quality coffee has been growing on fields, which used to be a sugar plantation. The plantation is located some 4 miles north of the Lahaina, which means “merciless sun” A real particularity of this coffee is the bean itself! The quality we receive is called “Yellow Caturra” and carries yellow cherries when ripe instead of red cherries. It grows best in hot and dry climates. This, the tropical sun of Lahaina’s offers the best preconditions and the irrigation is done by fresh mountain water.
The Maui coffee enjoys an excellent reputation among coffee experts from all over the world. The harvests are small, highly sought after, and very enjoyable. This coffee impresses us with a fine, soft cup, which is perfected by several chocolate notes.


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This coffee impresses by its several chocolate notes.

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Weight 250 kg

250g (15 Cups), 500g (30 Cups), 1000g (60 Cups)


Whole Bean, Coarse (French Press), Medium (Chemex), Medium Fine (Pourover), Fine (Espresso), Extra Fine (Ibrik)


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