Polar Fire


The Rooibus tea provides a soft bed for the notes of carrot and orange marzipan tea.

Don’t you just love marzipan? We have found this very special, lively, tangy aroma. Sweet marzipan and creamy, fresh oranges accompany the soft Rooibos tea. The taste is further intensified by the bright orange slices.

8-10 minutes brewing time
100° water temperature
4-5 level tsp./1 litre

Rooibos tea, carrot shreds, orange slices, flavouring



Polar Fire Tea

Polar Fire Tea sweet marzipan and creamy, fresh oranges accompany the soft Rooibos tea. The taste is further intensified by the bright orange slices.

Fuji Speciality Tea & Coffee

Fuji Mullingar & Dublin stocks 60 types of loose leaf teas, herbal, black, green and fruit.  We also have organic Japanese matcha which is a tea that really packs a lot of benefits while getting you great alertness and focus. Come in and look at all the wonderful colour and amazing smells to see if there is something you like.

Black Tea

Black tea is produced mainly in Asia and Africa and boasts a wide flavour profile. Some black teas are sweet and subtle while others are robust and pungent. But with thousands of options it can be hard to figure out which black tea is the best. At Fuji we have sourced amazing organic black tea to help you discover flavours that you like.

Green Tea

Green tea gets its name from the colour of the tea when brewed regardless of the flavour.  This tea is considered a healthy alternative as it is high in antioxidants. It is also believed to boost brain power and help with weight loss as it is considered a fat burning tea but there is no conclusive evidence of this. But what we can tell you is that it taste great.

Fruit Tea

We stock fantastic fruit teas high in vitamin C and bursting with flavour.  Check out our winter fruit tea, full of juicy exotic fruits bursting with sweet fruit flavour and high in vitamin C.

Rooibus Tea

The benefits of rooibos tea are varied and include improved blood pressure and circulation. Inflammation is a key player in the role of heart disease. This tea also keeps hair strong and skin healthy. The benefits of rooibos tea go beyond drinking it and aid in weight loss.  It can be used to treat and prevent diabetes and may help prevent cancer and boost bone health.

White Tea

White tea has been shown to protect the body against certain diseases and reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disorders. It also provides natural antibacterial properties, helps with weight loss, and can lower bad cholesterol. White tea contains high amounts of anti-bacterial and anti-ageing properties that help prevent wrinkles and sagging skin. It revitalises your skin and prevents premature ageing.

Herbal Tea

Minty fresh tea, lemon grass and mint are just some of our range of herbal tea.  We also stock ginger, lemongrass and hemp blends to suit your needs.  All our herbal teas are quality blends to assist with boosting your health and well being.

Oolang Tea

Oolang is a traditional Chinese tea which is similar to black tea and has the health benefits for heart, brain, bone and dental health.  It is also known as an energy booster.

Matcha Tea

Organic Matcha green tea is the super food of the super foods. Grown by tea masters and drank by ancient samurai warriors it has levels of antioxidants like no other foods.  This bright green super food awaits you.

We travelled all the way to Japan to bring you back the most premium ceremonial quality Matcha.

Tea & Coffee Equipment

To finish off our range we have the perfect accessories to suit you.  From coffee making equipment to beautifully crafted matcha bowls we can provide you with everything you need for the perfect tea or coffee experience.

Fuji Speciality Tea & Coffee Providers

For more information on any of our products call us today and we will be happy to help you.

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