Our Coffee Advent Calendars are a sensual companion during the Advent season – not only for coffee lovers but also for those who are new to premium coffee. Each calendar is filled with 24 individually wrapped Drip Coffee bags with a total of 12 select coffee specialties from our assortment of Single Origin Coffees, Fine Coffee Blends and Flavored Coffees.

Drip Coffee bags are a simple and practical option to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

These bags contain already ground coffee and can simply be hung into a cup or mug. Freshly boiled water is then poured onto the bag and delicious coffee will fill the cup in no time at all.

Drip Coffee bags are prefect for people who are travelling or have only limited time to brew fresh coffee. They are also ideal for offices and other work environments where a quick and simple way to brew coffee is required. The large selection of 12 varieties offers the prefect chance to try out some new coffee varieties! Drip Coffee bags are a much better alternative to instant coffee as they offer a much deeper taste and the incomparable flavour of freshly brewed coffee. Give it a try and taste a cup of this delicious coffee, wherever you may be!

The calendars come in the format 140 x 100 x 200 mm and are a stylish accessory for the home, on the desk, shelves, or the kitchen counter. The festively decorated box and the high-quality content make it an ideal gift for coffee lovers – and also for a delicious start into the world of premium coffee. Of course, all 12 varieties are also available individually so that you can continue to supply your customers with their favourite varieties year-round. Turn this year’s run-up to Christmas into a very special time by offering your customers this unique coffee experience!

Coffee Advent Calendar “Window, red” with 24 drip coffee bags