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China Fengmi Dragon



China Fengmi Dragon


Yunnan is a region in the mountains of South-western China. Coffee is grown on the slopes with a prevailing mild climate. Yunnan is the largest coffee production area of China and makes up more than 95% of Chinas entire coffee harvest. The farm producing our unique China Fengmi Dragon coffee is also located here. The cultivation is organic and the young coffee plants are fertilized for example by coffee skins. This farm is also currently undergoing the procedure for receiving a fair-trade seal.

This accomplished coffee is characterized by an elegant, well-balanced body. Its flavour is incomparably aromatic and sweet and reminds of honey and hazelnuts



Here at Fuji we are experts in quality tea, coffee and equipment.  Our Coffee Club Subscription is available so that you never run out of your favourite coffee, so sign up today to make sure you are always well stocked.

Browse our range of flavoured coffees from Almond to Chilli to Chocolate to orange to cinnamon, to plum to hazelnut to pistachio, caramel and honey and our festive favourite Christmas blend there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

We have travelled the world to bring you the flavours of world coffee.  From South America we have Brazilian; Colombian, Ecuadorian and Peruvian blends.  To the North American continent we have travelled to bring you blends from Cuba; Panama; Nicaragua; Guatemala and the islands of Hawaii and the Dominican Republic.  If your tastes are more oriental why not try our blends from India, Indonesia, Sumatra or Thailand.  Our African blends hail from Ethiopia and Kilimanjaro.  Or for something different we have our European Swiss Water decaff or Australian Skybury blends.

Options also available for the type of grind you prefer – Whole Bean; Coarse; Medium; Medium Fine; Fine or Extra Fine.

We also supply high grade matcha tea. Our matcha has been grown by tea masters with strict natural organic growing methods and shaded with correct bamboo covering.  We travelled all the way to Japan to bring you back the most premium ceremonial quality Matcha.

To finish off our range we have the perfect accessories to suit you.  From coffee making equipment to beautifully crafted matcha bowls we can provide you with everything you need for the perfect tea or coffee experience.

For more information on any of our products call us today and we will be happy to help you.

Fuji Speciality Tea and Coffee. Travel the Globe Inside your Cup.

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250g (15 Cups), 500g (30 Cups), 1000g (60 Cups)


Whole Bean, Coarse (French Press), Medium (Chemex), Medium Fine (Pourover), Fine (Espresso), Extra Fine (Ibrik)

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