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Fantastic variety of the most amazing teas and coffees and lots of accessories to tempt you every time you go in, combining friendly efficient service makes this always a pleasurable shopping experience..
Ruth Clarke-Smyth
Gorgeous coffee ☕️ great customer service
Nicola Fay
The best coffee in Westmeath and great staff. Thank you Brendan and Yarrik.
Gary Valciukas
Called in on advice on green tea for weight loss and wellness. Brendan spoke passionately about matcha tea and has every reason to do so. I love the ritual of making Japanese tea, plus I have lost at least 3lbs of my diet due to the metabolism speed it gives to your body. As for the shakes, FAB! Five stars guys!!
D.S. Murray
Thank you for my fast order to England! I have never tasted better teas and I am now looking forward to trying the other flavours 💕
Emilia Placzek
Very reputable company fantastic offers and excellent quality service
Ken Walsh
Amazing coffee shop ❤ great location, friendly staff 😊😊
Violeta Viole
Great coffee and a really relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.
Carmel Uí Dhomnaill
I just went in to buy coffee for a gift and now I adore Paris by night blend. I never was a coffee drinker but I sure am now. Great staff, great store
Joe Earley
Called in today for first time after even told about it meet with a warm welcome and was told which coffee would be best for what I wanted for home also got a cup for takeaway hands down the best coffee I've had in a long time would recommend everyone pop in thanx again for the help and will be back in soon
Jonathan Walsh
Great store if you’re a coffee lover!! Can’t comment on teas as I don’t drink tea. Great staff. Would highly recommend
Amanda Rogers
I very rarely drank tea until I came across this place. The staff are great and full on knowledge about their products. I now drink tea. Proper tea
Kieran Lambert
Coffee is always great and you are always made feel welcome! Highly recommended for anyone who likes a good coffee!
Owen Glennon
Delicious and nutritious shakes and amazing tea! Well worth a visit!
Paulina Nickström
Great products. The 5 day cleanse is amazing. 10/10 Highly Recommended 👍
Shane Hynes
I finally tasted REAL QUALITY coffee - the difference with commercial coffe is unbelievable.. if you are In Ireland you need to go there! They also have ceremonial matcha tea of incredible quality! Brendan who is running the coffe shop is very knowledgable; both business partners are welcoming and friendly. Enjoy!
Fred Do
An Oasis of Teas and Coffee , a must visit �
Anna Maria Kenny
Love this shop. NICEST saff, have me addicted to matcha. All there teas and coffee are lovley. would recommend 100%
Matt Byrne

World's Finest Tea & Coffee

World’s Finest Tea & Coffee are available to you.  Here at Fuji Speciality Tea and Coffee, our subscription service is available. Because of this will never run out of your favourite tea or coffee. So sign up today to make sure you are always well stocked.

World's Finest Tea & Coffee - Our Speciality Coffee

We understand that everyone has different tastes.  Because of this we have flavoured coffees from Almond to Chilli to Chocolate.  Or if you prefer orange to cinnamon, or plum to hazelnut to pistachio.  But for those with a sweet tooth we have caramel and honey.  And for that special time of year try our festive favourite Christmas blend.  There is something to suit everyone.  

There are options also available for the type of grind you prefer which range from Whole Bean and Coarse or Medium and Medium Fine or Fine and Extra Fine.

World's Finest Tea & Coffee - Our Coffee Origins

We have travelled the world so we can bring you the flavours of world coffee.  From South America we have Brazilian or Colombian, Ecuadorian and Peruvian blends.  To the North American continent we have travelled to bring you blends from Cuba and Panama and Nicaragua and Guatemala and the islands of Hawaii and the Dominican Republic. 

But if your tastes are more oriental why not try our blends from India, Indonesia, Sumatra or Thailand.  Our African blends hail from Ethiopia and Kilimanjaro.  But if you like something different we have our European Swiss Water decaff or Australian Skybury blends. Because we understand everyone has different tastes we have sourced the right blend for you.

World's Finest Tea & Coffee - Our Speciality Tea

Our stores in Mullingar & Dublin stock 60 types of loose leaf teas from herbal tea to black tea and from green tea to fruit tea.  We also stock oolang and white tea because they are renowned for their health benefits.  We also have organic Japanese matcha because this really packs a lot of benefits while giving you great alertness and focus. But don’t just take our word for it, come in and experience all the wonderful colour and amazing smells so you can see if there is something you like.

World's Finest Tea & Coffee -Matcha Tea Products

We also supply high-grade matcha tea. This is because our matcha has been grown by tea masters with strict natural organic growing methods and shaded with correct bamboo covering.  Because we have travelled all the way to Japan we are able to bring back the most premium quality Matcha tea,

World's Finest Tea & Coffee -Tea and Coffee Equipment

To finish off our range we have the perfect accessories to suit you so that you can enjoy the ultimate tea or coffee experience.  Our range is varied from coffee making equipment to elegant tea accessories and beautifully crafted matcha bowls. We can provide you with everything you need for the perfect tea or coffee experience.

World's Finest Tea & Coffee -Tea and Coffee Emporium

For more information on any of our products call us today and we will be happy to help you.

Fuji Speciality Tea and Coffee. Travel the Globe Inside your Cup. Or you can visit us on our  Facebook page.